2020 Diamond DA42 VI

Manufacturer: Diamond

Model: DA42 VI

Category: Piston Twin aircraft

Year: 2020

Serial#:  TBD

Condition: New

Price: Call


Number of seats: 4

Engine(s):  2x 168 hp Austro AE300 Turbo-Diesel

Prop(s): 2x MT 3-blade constant speed propeller


Avionics/Radios: Garmin G1000 NXi Glass Cockpit which includes: 2x Garmin GDU 105x 10-inch Primary Displays, GEA 71 airframe/engine interface unit, Dual GIA 63 WAAS Com/Nav/SBAS-GPS/GS/Loc, GMA 1347 digital audio system, GRS 79 AHRS, GDC 72 digital air data computer, GMU44 magnetometer, GFC700 AFCS with Yaw Damper, GTX 335 R remote ADS-B transponder, 406 Mhz ELT, Garmin ChartView approach plate (subscription req), Standby Instruments (Attitude Indicator, Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter), Garmin ESP  

Additional Available Equipment: TKS Ice Protection system (FIKI), Air Conditioning, Airframe and Engine Protection by Piston Power, Oxygen System, Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), Garmin GWX 70 weather radar, Garmin GSR 56 Iridium SatLink (subscription required), Garmin GDL 69A SXM WX weather & radio (subscription req.), Garmin GTX 345R ADS-B in/out Transponder, WX500 Stormscope, Avidyne, TAS 605 Traffic Advisory System, Electrically adjustable rudder pedals, Premium leather interior, AmSafe Airbag Seatbelts, Bubble Canopy, Jeppesen ChartView approach plates (subscription req.).

General description: Inquire regarding position availability — If you are looking for impressive cross-country performance with the added safety of a second engine but would like to find it in an ultra-efficient twin that burns fuel like a single, then look no further. The Diamond Aircraft DA42 VI pleases private pilots, business owners and flight schools alike. It’s the best-selling piston twin on the market.

Diamond Aircraft’s DA42 VI is a durable, aerodynamically efficient, composite airframe mated to twin ultra-efficient Turbocharged 170hp Austro AE300 Diesel engines, which maintain 100% rated power to 14,000’. These engines are so efficient that the DA42 VI will deliver 190 kt. cruise on a mere 8.4 gph per side. That’s a combined total of 16.8 gph!! If you pull the power back, you can manage 152 kts. on a combined total of a meager 10.3 gph!! Want to be more impressed? The DA42 VI has an unbelievable single-engine service ceiling of 18,000’!! Now that provides safety. A few other tidbits to whet your appetite? The DA42 VI has an endurance of 11.75 hrs. and a max range of 1,273 nm…. so you can stay aloft and go the distance.

Performance is only part of the story. Safety and simplicity were design parameters as well. The DA42 VI has been designed with stability, gracious handling characteristics and ease of operation. It is a gentle transition from single to twin. The DA42 VI has a single-lever-power-control that you set by displayed % of power. This not only reduces pilot workload and is more convenient, but it’s safer too. The 3-blade MT hydraulic constant speed propellers are automatically managed by each engine’s digital engine control. Feathering a prop is as simple as flipping a single switch. The DA42 VI continues to deliver on safety by protecting its occupants with an industry leading carbon fiber safety cage resulting in a 26g cabin and seats. As with Diamond’s singles, you’ll find a well-balanced feel, low control-stick-forces and pleasant, docile flying characteristics.


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