*SOLD* 2021 Tecnam P2010

Manufacturer: Tecnam

Model: P2010

Category: Piston Single Aircraft

Year: 2020

Serial#:  TBD

Condition: New

Price: Call


Airframe Options:  Luxury Interior Upgrade, Special Paint


Dimensions: Overall Height: 8.66 ft., Overall Length: 26.15 ft., Wing Span (Overall): 33.79 ft.

Weight and Loading: Max Take-off Weight – 2,557 lbs., Empty Weight – 1,631 lbs. (Standard Configuration), Useful Load – 926 lbs. (Standard Configuration), Fuel Tank Capacity – 63 Gal.

Performance: Max Cruise Speed KTAS: 134kts/146kts*, Stall Speed KCAS – 52kts (Flaps down, Power off), Practical ceiling – 12,000/15,000ft*, Take Off Run – 1,102 ft., Take Off Distance: 1,952 ft.

Engine Options:

Standard Configuration – includes the Lycoming IO-360, 180HP engine with a high fuel capacity of 65.4 gallons. Fuel: Unleaded Aviation Fuels: UL91 or higher per ASTM D7547 or Automotive Fuels: 93 AKI or equivalent per ASTM D4814. Please refer to Lycoming Engines SI 1070 for a complete listing of approved fuels.

MkII version – includes Lycoming’s new 215 HP IO-390, which enables the plane to climb at 1,050ft/m. It provides 215HP at 2,700 rpm, coupled with a variable pitch prop. This engine can burn 100LL or UL100 fuel.

The selection of the Lycoming IO-390 to power this plane was primarily its capability to burn alternative fuels other than 100LL. The approval of this major design change by FAA set an important milestone on Tecnam’s “green transition” as the first worldwide General Aviation aircraft manufacturer able to obtain such a wide, flexible and non-single-brand related choice, as well as the first manufacturer capable of obtaining approval for use of automotive fuel on IO-360 Lycoming engine.


IO-360 Powerplant: 2 Blade MT Fixed Pitch with optional upgrade for 2 or 3 Blade MT Constant Speed Prop.

IO-390 Powerplant: 3 Blade Constant Speed Propeller (Only available with G1000 Nxi)


G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System (215hp) includes:

GDU 1050 1Oin. PFD

GDU 1050 1Oin. MFD

Dual GEA 71 Engine & Airframe unit

Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/nav/GPS/GS/Loc

GMA 1347 Digital audio system

GMU 44 Magnetometer

GDC 72 Air data computer



GTX345R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B In and OUT)

MD 302 Standby Attitude Module Digital Back-up


Additional Optional Equipment: 

Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot

Garmin GTS 800 with Dual GA58 Traffic Advisory System

Becker RA3502 remote ADF unit

Premium Interior

Special Paint

Interior:  Comfort for both pilots and passengers is provided by an expansive cabin featuring ergonomic front and rear leather seats, exceptional legroom, and easy accessibility with 3 passenger doors and a baggage door.

Cabin Height – 3 ft. (Seat to Cover), Cabin Width – 3.74 ft., Baggage Max. Permissible Load – 88 lbs.

Exterior: High wing aircraft with a smooth, carbon fiber fuselage and metal wings for superior strength and stability.

Inspection status:  Warranty

Airframe: 24 Months or 1000 Hours

Engine: 24 Months or 1000 Hours

Garmin Avionics: 2 year or 800 Hours

General description:  New 2019 Tecnam P2010 position available – single engine, 4-seat, IFR-rated, high wing aircraft with a smooth, carbon fiber fuselage and metal wings for superior strength and stability. It has 2 engine options:

Standard Configuration – equipped with a 180HP Lycoming IO360

MkII model – equipped with a 215HP Lycoming IO390.

The wing is based on the well-proven NACA63A aerofoil. Through partial tapering, the design brings it close to the optimal lift distribution (elliptical). The stabilator, a trademark of all Tecnam airplanes, allows for excellent controllability and ‘hands off’ longitudinal stability.


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