*SOLD* 2021 Tecnam Astore

Manufacturer: Tecnam

Model: Astore

Category: Light Sport

Year: 2020

Serial#:  TBD

Condition: New

Price: Call


Number of seats: 2

Airframe: FAQs

Dimensions: Overall Height: 7.54 ft., Overall Length: 23 ft., Wing Span (Overall): 28.54 ft.

Weight and Loading: Max Take-off Weight: 1,320 lbs., Empty Weight: 827 lbs., Useful Load: 496 lbs., Fuel Tank Capacity: 29 gallons, Fuel Consumption: 4.5 gallons/hr.

Performance: Max Cruise Speed KTAS: 120 kts., Stall Speed KCAS: 35 kts (Flaps down, Power off), Practical ceiling: 13,110 ft., Take Off Run: 489 ft., Take Off Distance: 984 ft., Landing Run: 620 ft., Landing Distance: 1,100 ft., Rate of Climb: 923 ft./min, Range: 642NM

Engine Options:

ROTAX 912 offers low operating costs along with your choice of MOGAS or AVGAS.4-cylinder, 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders, Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, Mechanical fuel pump, Dual electronic ignition, Propeller speed reduction unit, Air intake system, Gearbox Reduction Ratio 2,43:1

The turbo charged ROTAX 914 offers more performance at high altitudes while delivering lower weight engines. 115 hp, TBO = 2,000hrs, Automatic waste gate control, Automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, 2 carburetors, Dual electronic ignition


Standard prop: Sensenich 2-blade fixed pitch wooden-composite wrapped

Upgraded prop: Sensenich composite propellers available in 2 or 3-blade versions



Avionics Package

GMA 245 Audio Panel, GTR 200 COM, GTX 335 Transponder with GPS, Garmin 796 GPS XM Version, Stick Push-To-Talk Switch – Pilot/Copilot, Mic & Phone Jacks – Pilot/Copilot

Flight instruments and indicators

Attitude-Electric, Directional-Electric, Turn & Bank

Engine analog instruments

Tachometer, Hour Recorder, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Head Temp, Fuel Pressure, Voltmeter, Ammeter, LH+RH Fuel Qty.


Transponder, VHF, GPS



2 Display GDU 460 With EIS

2x GDU465, ADHARS GSU 25, GEA 24 Engine Instrument Module, GMU 22 Magnetometer, GA 55 XM Antenna, GPS A20 – ADSB out, GTP 59 Temperature Probe, LRU Kit, Installation Kit, G3X Sensor Kit


Interior:  The Cabin offers newly designed seats and seat rails, which are easily operated and adjustable via a single handle. A roomy baggage compartment offers both external and internal access with a courtesy lamp illuminating the area when opened. A wide cockpit panel provides plenty of room for glass panel avionics. A comfortable armrest and USB charger round out the luxurious interior. Standard, Deluxe and Premium packages available.


Exterior:  The Tecnam Astore is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. The all metal airframe structure is complemented by the selective use of an epoxy reinforced matrix of carbon/glass fiber for the upper radome and fairings.

The main landing gear consists of two 7075T6 light alloy springs which are hinged inside the fuselage in order to maximize the wheel deflection and energy absorption efficiency. The nose gear is free castering and is supported by an oleo-pneumatic shock absorber connected directly to the firewall. Differential toe brakes for steering are standard for both pilot and copilot with redundant brake master cylinders.


Inspection status:  Warranty

Airframe: 24 Months or 400 Hours

Engine: 24 Months or 400 Hours

Garmin Avionics: 1 year or 400 Hours


General description:  New 2019 Tecnam Astore Position Available –

The Tecnam Astore LSA is a metal, 2 place, low wing fun machine designed to allow you and your passenger an experience with the most outstanding style, comfort, and beauty of flight. Equally at home flying formation or to far off destinations. Spacious room for entry, long legs and baggage. The performance and control are only matched by the incredible view.


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